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Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Tel: 695 052 395
Email: busci@busci.co.uk

    Intensive English:

  • 20 hours or 40 hours of English over 1 or 2 weeks, half day or full day.
  • Groups(2+) or one-on-one.
  • Students are fully immersed in English, including coffee breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Classes can take the form of combined workshops, specific to the students needs, or can consist of intensive vocab and grammar reviews as preparation for a conference etc.
  • Classes are normally taken at the student's place of work.
  • Super Intensive English:

  • Classes normally consist of a full weekend of one-on-one English.
  • Live English 24 hours a day in a UK city. Take in the sights, see a show, eat, drink and sleep English.
  • Only available for upper intermediate+.
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