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Business and Science
Language Solutions
Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Tel: 695 052 395
Email: busci@busci.co.uk

    Translation and editing services

    Translation, copy editing and proof-reading of:

    Books, emails, abstracts, advertisements, research proposals, reviewer's comments, letters, posters, manuals, catalogues, research papers and presentation scripts

    Translation - of an original manuscript (Spanish/Catalan) into English (UK or US).

    Copy editing - This ensures that you manuscript is clearly and logically presented, concise, and, most importantly, that the message of your research is communicated in a way which can be understood by scientists who may not be experts in your particular field, i.e., an intelligent but non-specialist audience. The document is also reviewed for the following: 1. Correct punctuation, spelling, grammar and word usage 2. Appropriate and consistent use of abbreviations 3. Correct documentation of references 4. Correct formatting of a manuscript (according to journal specifications where appropriate)

    Proof-reading - document is reviewed for minor mechanical errors in copy (such as misspelled words and typographic errors), appropriate capitalisation and punctuation, consistent use of abbreviations, and correct documentation of references (according to document type and specific requirements).

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